[libvirt] [PATCH v2 11/20] network: Introduce virNetworkObj{Get|Set}Autostart

John Ferlan jferlan at redhat.com
Wed Aug 16 12:58:16 UTC 2017


>> I think because it was an external API provided value I left it at
>> 'int'. For the other two active and persistent - those are boolean
>> states as a result of other internal operations and not outwardly
>> facing.  IOW: There's no virNetworkSetPersistent or virNetworkSetActive
>> type API's.
>> I think also the GetAutostart algorithm which assigns *autostart =
>> obj->autostart caused me to pause especially since the code is
>> "repeated" in domain, storage, and test. Initially I think I was
>> thinking of combining all those places that make the same sequence of
>> calls, but that got shot down. I think changing it to a bool would
>> probably be a "next step" exercise, but "technically", the Get algorithm
>> would be *autostart = obj->autostart ? 1 : 0; as opposed to the current
>> *autostart = obj->autostart;
> I don't think that different get is a problem. But okay, I don't care
> that much to stop this. If you want to change it to bool do, if not I
> can live with that too.
> ACK if you fix the mem leak issue.
> Michal

Alright - I changed to @bool... I also changed GetAutostart to be
IsAutostart, but otherwise was (mostly) simple except for merges in the
subsequent 2 patches.


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