[libvirt] security: the qemu agent command "guest-exec" may cause Insider Access

Zhangbo (Oscar) oscar.zhangbo at huawei.com
Sat Aug 26 01:12:32 UTC 2017

>>>Host can read all of the guest's memory or mount the image and modify
>>>the guest agent.  Or even add their own communication program that can
>>>do anything.
>>I get your point now! :)  Thanks a lot!!
>>Further more,  kvm seems not as secure as xen, because xen isolates dom0 and
>domU well,
>>The administrator on dom0 couldn't access many things belonged to domUs.
>>How to solve such problem in kvm? Any scheme?
>I don't know xen much, but maybe AMD SEV or everything-signed-by TPM
>would help...

Thank you ,  I'll look further into them.

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