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[libvirt] Potential problem with /proc/mounts items that don't exist inside Kubernetes

Hello all,

This is my first mail to this list, so let me introduce myself. My name is Juan Hernandez, and I work in the oVirt team. Currently I am experimenting with the integration between ManageIQ and KubeVirt.

I recently detected a potential issue when running libvirt inside Kubernetes, as part of KubeVirt. There are entries in /proc/mounts that don't exist, and libvirt can't start virtual machines because of that. This is specific to this enviroment, but I think it may be worth addressing it in libvirt itself. See the following issue for details:

  Libvirt fails when there are hidden cgroup mount points in `/proc/mounts`

I suggested a possible fix there, which seems simple, but it makes all tests fail. I'd be happy to fix the tests as well, but I would need some guidance on how to do so. Any suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Juan Hernandez

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