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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] leasetime support for <dhcp>

Sorry this keeps falling off the radar...

When posting a v2/v3/vX, please use [PATCH v2] prefix, and make each new
posting a top level patch

On 06/22/2017 08:44 PM, aruiz gnome org wrote:
> From: Alberto Ruiz <aruiz gnome org>
> Fixes #913446

Full bug link makes things slightly easier if the reviewer wants to look

In the commit message [lease at least give an example of the added XML values,
possibly what dnsmasq value it maps to. Makes grepping commit logs easier

> This patch addresses a few problems found by the initial reviews:
> * leaseTimeUnit RNG type renamed to timeUnit
> * virNetworkDHCPDefGetLeaseTime() renamed to virNetworkDHCPLeaseTimeParseXML()
> * consistent use of braces in if-else-if
> * use %lu instead of PRId64
> * use 0 as infinite lease
> * add a leasetime_defined field to struct _virNetworkIPDef to describe whether the value was set in the xml configuration or not
> * use uint32_t for the leasetime instead of int64_t
> * fail on all invalid leasetime values
> * squash all patches into one

These types of bits should go after the --- break below: they don't need to be
in the commit message but they are useful for reviewers

There's lots of style issues: please run 'make syntax-check' and fix the
warnings. Peter pointed out some of them already against your 6/21 posting but
they weren't addressed in this version:


Drop the strcmp usage, we have a STREQ macro we use ('make syntax-check' might
warn but I'm not positive)

CC me on the v3 and I'll do a full review


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