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[libvirt] Error starting RBD storage pool


In my environment I have created an RBD (ceph) pool as follows:

<pool type='rbd'>
  <capacity unit='bytes'>42843746304</capacity>
  <allocation unit='bytes'>0</allocation>
  <available unit='bytes'>41737977856</available>
    <host name='vdicnode01.local' port='6789'/>
    <auth type='ceph' username='libvirt'>
      <secret uuid='3289cb24-0032-49d8-b377-c86d04b800b0'/>

virsh pool-define vdic-mgmt-pool.xml
virsh pool-autostart vdic-mgmt-pool

Note: I've tried with username='libvirt' and also username='admin'

But I'm not able to start-up the storage pool:

[root vdicnode01 ceph]# virsh pool-start vdic-mgmt-pool
error: Failed to start pool vdic-mgmt-pool
error: An error occurred, but the cause is unknown

I attach the full log (in debug mode):


Any help will be welcome!

Thanks a lot everybody!

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