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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] qemu: fix migration fail of an auto-placementvm after attached memory to it

On 07/24/2017 05:37 AM, Peter Krempa wrote:
> Please configure your e-mail client so that it does not break threads

In particular, your email client is failing to include an "In-Reply-To:"
header (which should contain the message-id from the parent message's
"Message-Id:" header) (this is different from the "References:" header,
which your email client does include). If your client has no way to turn
on In-Reply-To: headers (it should be enabled by default), then you need
to file a bug against the email client, and (if the developers don't fix
it right away) seriously consider moving to a different client.

(I'm also Cc'ing lu zhipeng zte com cn, because their email client is
doing the same thing (failing to add In-Reply-To:), and also is adding
"答复:" (which I guess is the Mandarin equivalent of "Re:") to all
responses, causing the subject line to change with each response
message, and thus breaking the possibility of an email client threading
based on subject.)

Small details like this seem trivial and unimportant, but they make a
big difference when trying to dig into the history of a patch in order
to make an informed reply (especially when there are hundreds of
messages and dozens of threads every day), so any improvements would be
greatly appreciated :-)

> and also that it does not add spurious newlines between lines of the
> reply.
> I've trimmed the spurious newlines in the reply.

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