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Re: [libvirt] status of support for cache allocation technology?

On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 03:20:02PM -0600, Chris Friesen wrote:

I'm just wondering what the current status is about exposing/controlling cache
banks.  Looking at the code, it appears that we report the banks as part of
"virsh capabilities".  Is it possible to associate a particular bank with a
particular domain, or has that not yet merged?

It is not yet in, but I'm working towards that.  However during that it
uncovered lot of imperfections in the current codebase and the progress
got stalled for a while.

Is the "[PATH V10 00/12] Support cache tune in libvirt" patch series the most
recent set of patches?

No, then there were several RFCs and then patch series again, IIRC, but
you can expect a new one written from scratch to be posted soon.  I can
add you to Cc if you want me to an I don't forget.


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