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[libvirt] Exposing mem-path in domain XML

Dear list,

there is the following bug [1] which I'm not quite sure how to grasp. So
there is this application/infrastructure called Kove [2] that allows you
to have memory for your application stored on a distant host in network
and basically fetch needed region on pagefault. Now imagine that
somebody wants to use it for backing up domain memory. However, the way
that the tool works is it has some kernel module and then some userland
binary that is fed with the path of the mmaped file. I don't know all
the details, but the point is, in order to let users use this we need to
expose the paths for mem-path for the guest memory. I know we did not
want to do this in the past, but now it looks like we don't have a way
around it, do we?


1: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1461214
2: http://kove.net

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