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Re: [libvirt] about support quorum and replication in xml

Re-asking the same question multiple times within a day will not get you
a faster reply:


On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 15:27:11 +0800, wang guang55 zte com cn wrote:
> hi
> we wiill use quorum and replication in qemu.
> but we found that libvirt does not support quorum and replication in xml.

There were a few attempts to implement it in libvirt but none of them
was willing enough to finish the work given that it required extensive
refactors to the code base.

Currently I don't know of anybody working on this.

> so we want submit some patches for supporting quorum and replication in xml

Please note that I'm currently refactoring the setup of disks in qemu to
use node names (which will be usefull for adding quorum). Patches
created during this time will either overlap or conflict, so this might
not be the greatest time to implement that feature.

As a side note. Adding support for quourum disks will also require
figuring out snapshots and other blockjobs with quorum disks in the
backing chain and for backing chains below the quorum driver. All of
this will probably require to use the blockdev commands with node names.

Additionally quorum will need to be based on the refactor to store the
full backing chain in the XML. While it would be possible to define the
qorum drive in the backing chain via the JSON-pseudo-protocol syntax.
Things are way more complicated once you have multiple images to deal

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