[libvirt] [PATCH v3 00/12] Make virNodeDeviceObj and virNodeDeviceObjList private

Erik Skultety eskultet at redhat.com
Thu Jun 29 14:47:19 UTC 2017

On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 09:27:44PM -0400, John Ferlan wrote:
> ping?
> Perhaps more involved - the first couple are from the previous series.
> Once you get past the I hate it when someone renames things - it should
> be a familiar sequence of creating a lockable object.

Just a small note, as I haven't mentioned anything about that in my reviews so
far, we're in a freeze so I'd like you to wait with pushing the patches until
we're open again - if that information might have gotten lost in the ton of
emails that arrive to the list, so no offense was meant by writing this ;), it's
just I've seen a feature (if I remember correctly, definitely not a bugfix)
merged withing devel freeze, not that long time ago actually.


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