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[libvirt] 答复: Re: 答复: Re: [PATCH v 2] qemu: clean up network interfaces beforeqemuProce ssKill is called in qemuProcessStop

I may not have described it clearly.  

i need to ensure  the order of  adding port to bridge and deleting from bridge.

i  rename tap device to avoid the problem  in my first patch.i think it can solve the problem.

my second patch may can't resolve the problem .

Do you  have any better ideas?


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日 期 :2017年05月08日 17:42
主 题 :Re: [libvirt]答复: Re:  [PATCH v2] qemu: clean up network interfaces beforeqemuProcessKill is called in qemuProcessStop

On Mon, May 08, 2017 at 05:18:17PM +0800, lu zhipeng zte com cn wrote:
> >This fix won't work correctly either. You cannot assume that libvirt has
> >control over when the QEMU process exits. It may exit itself *before*
> >libvirt runs any of its cleanup code.
> I don't think there's a problem.  Although  libvirt does not runs cleanup
> code .but tap devices don't exist when when the QEMU process exits.

That still does not make sense. There is no difference in the way tap devices
are cleaned up whether QEMU exits "normally" on its own, or when libvirt kills
QEMU explicitly

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