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[libvirt] libvirt-python RPM installation not recognized by pip


When using the standard "requirements.txt" files for installation
package dependencies, I noticed that "libvirt-python" would attempt to
be installed by "pip" even when the equivalent RPM package is already

For instance, on a Fedora 25 system:

  $ rpm -q libvirt-python
  $ python -e 'import pkg_resources;
 pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'libvirt-python' distribution
was not found and is required by the application

The provider (the actual module) is actually present, but (rightfully
so) under the name "libvirt":

  $ python -c 'import pkg_resources; print
 <pkg_resources.DefaultProvider instance at 0x7fdfbc67a488>

At first sight, this seems to be caused by the lack of an "egg-info"
file, such as:


I'm reporting a supposedly packaging issue here since the libvirt-python
setup.py file itself includes support for a custom rpm command.

Please advise if any of this is intentional, and/or whether this should
indeed be reported here or on downstream only.


Cleber Rosa
[ Sr Software Engineer - Virtualization Team - Red Hat ]
[ Avocado Test Framework - avocado-framework.github.io ]
[  7ABB 96EB 8B46 B94D 5E0F  E9BB 657E 8D33 A5F2 09F3  ]

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