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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] CI: also run tests using updated distro(s)

Em 31/05/2017 04:12, Martin Kletzander escreveu:

Without -qq is much worse. We can:
1. collapse as seen above;
2. redirect stdout to /dev/null (I mean, there is no important
information here).

I prefer (and use) #2.

either -qq collapsed or just put it to /dev/null.  I don't care which
one, if there is a problem with the installation it will be in stderr

The silent_if_passes() has some drawbacks.

Sure, I didn't know you can collapse part of the output of one command
and that was the first idea that came to my mind.

So the link shows the output with the current patch?

This is the output of the current patch: https://travis-ci.org/claudioandre/libvirt/builds/237687907
- everything passes (including Ubuntu 17.04)
- folded 'autogen'
- apt-get redirecting stdout to dev/null
- precise (gcc + clang) - (note: libvirt master builds only for clang)
- trusty (gcc + clang)
- OSX with more than 10000 lines (note: this already happens in libvirt master)

So, you now have 2+2+1+2 builds. The current patch follows ASAP.

Thank you

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