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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] news: Update for 3.9.0 release

>>> +          constraints that log have to be bigger than 100 KiB before they can
>>> +          be rotated solves the issue.
>> s/issue.$/issue. However, this may increase the number of files until
>> they are automatically rotated.
> I don't think that's true: the same number of log files will be
> created, it's just that now more files will be rotated. So I left
> out that part.

I was just reading the commit '6c43149c4':

"    Dropping 'minsize 100k' allows rotating small files, which will
    increase the number of log files, but 'rotate 4' ensures they will
    be removed after a month.

and trying to extrapolate. I'm fine with dropping it though. We really
need to get better at making the author of a series do this stuff!


>> (Personally, not quite sure how that rotation actually occurs).
> Not sure myself. I think the logrotate profile is installed along
> with libvirt, but you have to enable it explicitly for rotation to
> actually occur?

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