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[libvirt] Help:Can libvirt restore several xen snapshots more faster at same time?

Dear libvirt expert,

we find a blocker issue in our project. Would you please offer us some feedback?


Our project have a requirement: restore as much as xen snapshot at same time.   we have done the following test(our environment is cpu E52620,  256G memory, SSD hard disk. The xen snapshot is Win7 OS with 1G memory):

1)      Save 40 xen snapshots to disk, then restore these snapshot at sametime, we found the restore speed is too slow, and the bottleneck is the IO speed.

2)      we save all the 40 xen snapshot to ramdisk,  then we got a good performance, but the space is too big, about 40G, it is too expensive .


Our question is :

1)      each our xen snapshot is almost same except IP address(Win7 OS with 1G memory), does there have some way to reduce the 40 snapshots space?

2)      Do you have some suggestion to improve the performance of restore as much as  xen snapshot at same time?


Best regards, wish your reply.




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