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Re: [libvirt] Redesigning Libvirt: Adopting use of a safe language

"Daniel P. Berrange" <berrange redhat com> writes:

> Goroutines are basically a union of the thread + coroutine concepts. The
> Go runtime will create N OS level threads, where the default N currently
> matches the number of logical CPU cores you host has (but is tunable to
> other values). The application code just always creates Goroutines which
> are userspace threads just like coroutines. The Go runtime will dynamically
> switch goroutines at key points, and automatically pick suitable OS level
> threads to run them on to maximize concurrency. Most cleverly goroutines
> have a 2 KB default stack size, and runtime will dynamically grow the
> stack if that limit is reached.

Does this work even when the stack limit is exceeded in a C function?

>                                 So this avoids the problem of picking a
> suitable stack size, and avoids any danger of overruns. As a result it
> is possible for a process to create *1000's* of goroutines and have less
> overhead than if you tried todo the same thing in C with threads+coroutines
> manually.

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