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Re: [libvirt] New QEMU daemon for persistent reservations

On 24/11/2017 15:52, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
>> So what has been suggested so far is:
>>   <disk type='block' device='disk'>
>>     <source dev='/dev/sda'>
>>     <target dev='sda' bus='scsi'/>
>>     <reservations enable='yes'/>
>>   </disk>

<reservations> without an inner <source> element leaves libvirtd with
the choice of a daemon per QEMU, or a daemon per host in a well-known
location.  Unprivileged libvirtd would always use the latter; for
privileged libvirtd it is implementation-defined.  I like it.

<reservations> with an inner <source> always gives a daemon per host in
a custom location.  It can be used by either unprivileged or privileged

>> Now, my question is, in the first case - how should libvirt chose the
>> path? Should it be different for each disk/domain? How is the daemon
>> started in the first place - should libvirt start it? And when should
>> libvirt kill it?
> The core question is one daemon per QEMU, or one daemon per host. I'd be
> more inclined to have one daemon per QEMU so we always have isolation
> and thus do't have to worry about a shared daemon being a potential
> attack point between distinct QEMU's.

One daemon per QEMU is nicer IMO because it lets us do MCS.  Of course
one daemon per QEMU can only apply to system libvirtd; session must use
one daemon per host.

One daemon per host is easy, because it's just a couple new command-line
options as far as libvirtd is concerned, but we need to check that it
works well with MCS.

> If one daemon per host, then for privileged libvirtd, we should make sure
> the daemon ships with a systemd unit file + socket activation file, then
> we have a well-known cross-distro standardized socket path.

Ok, then I will send a patch for upstream QEMU that adds the Fedora
systemd unit files to contrib/.  They are useful anyway.



> If one daemon per QEMU, then we should just put the socket in the VM's
> private dir under /var/run/libvirt/qemu/$GUEST/

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