[libvirt] New QEMU daemon for persistent reservations

Paolo Bonzini pbonzini at redhat.com
Tue Oct 3 16:07:53 UTC 2017

On 03/10/2017 17:59, Michal Privoznik wrote:
> Ah, this breaks my design. I guess
>   <disk>
>     <pr>
>       <source type='unix' path='/path/to/qemu-pr-helper' mode='server'/>
>     </pr>
>   </disk>
> is pure madness, isn't it?

Yes, but OTOH if libvirtd starts the daemon, nobody cares about the
source type, so perhaps

   <pr driver='helper' mode='shared'>
     <source ... />

(mandatory source) vs.

   <pr driver='helper' mode='private'>

(optional path, default from global configuration) vs.

   <pr driver='passthrough'/>

(no helper)?


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