[libvirt] Release of libvirt-3.8.0

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Wed Oct 4 19:39:06 UTC 2017

  I tagged the tree and pushed the release earlier today, signed tarball
and rpms should be available at the usual place:


I also pushed the associated 3.8.0 for the python bindings which can be
found in the python subdir:


 This is a balanced release with new features especially for Qemu/KVM,
a reasonable set of improvement and bugs fixes:

New features:

- qemu: Added support for cold-(un)plug of watchdog devices

- qemu: Added support for setting IP address os usernet interfaces

- qemu: Added support for Veritas Hyperscale (VxHS) block devices

- storage: Added new events for pool-build and pool-delete


- qemu: Set DAC permissions properly for spice rendernode
    When a rendernode path is set for SPICE GL on qemu:///system, we now
    correctly set DAC permissions on the device at VM startup. This is the
    last remaining hurdle to let SPICE GL work for qemu:///system without
    any external host changes.

- nodedev: Add switchdev offload query to NIC capabilities
    Allow querying the NIC interface capabilities for the availability of
    switchdev offloading (also known as kernel-forward-plane-offload).

- New CPU models for AMD and Intel
    AMD EPYC and Intel Skylake-Server CPU models were added together with
    their features

- Improve long waiting when saving a domain
    While waiting for a write to disk to be finished, e.g. during save,
    even simple operations like virsh list would be blocking due to domain
    lock. This is now resolved by unlocking the domain in places where it
    is not needed.

* Bug fixes:

- Proper units are now used in virsh manpage for dom(mem)stats
    Previously the documentation used multiples of 1000, but now it is
    fixed to use multiples of 1024.

- qemu: Fix error reporting when disk attachment fails
    There was a possibility for the actual error to be overridden or
    cleared during the rollback.

- qemu: Fix assignment of graphics ports after daemon restart
    This could be seen with newer kernels that have bug regarding
    SO_REUSEADDR. After libvirtd was restarted it could assign already used
    address to new guests which would make them fail to start. This is
    fixed by marking used ports unavailable when reconnecting to running
    QEMU domains.

- Fix message decoding which was causing a very strange bug
    When parsing an RPC message with file descriptors was interrupted and
    had to restart, the offset of the payload was calculated badly causing
    strange issues like not being able to find a domain that was not

  thanks everybody who contributed to this release with bug reports, patches,
reviews, documentation, etc ...

   Enjoy the release !


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