[libvirt] [PATCH 09/10] Revert "DO NOT PUSH: Make sure that error messages are not moved around"

Peter Krempa pkrempa at redhat.com
Wed Dec 5 16:47:50 UTC 2018

This reverts commit 8bce541955c7427ee78c4f6aac7a07808640fdaa.
 tests/virerrormessages.txt | 101 -------------------------------------
 tests/virerrortest.c       |  25 ---------
 2 files changed, 126 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 tests/virerrormessages.txt

diff --git a/tests/virerrormessages.txt b/tests/virerrormessages.txt
deleted file mode 100644
index 7db66fa09b..0000000000
--- a/tests/virerrormessages.txt
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,101 +0,0 @@
-1-internal error-internal error: %s
-2-out of memory-out of memory: %s
-3-this function is not supported by the connection driver-this function is not supported by the connection driver: %s
-4-unknown host-unknown host %s
-5-no connection driver available-no connection driver available for %s
-6-invalid connection pointer in-invalid connection pointer in %s
-7-invalid domain pointer in-invalid domain pointer in %s
-8-invalid argument-invalid argument: %s
-9-operation failed-operation failed: %s
-10-GET operation failed-GET operation failed: %s
-11-POST operation failed-POST operation failed: %s
-12-got unknown HTTP error code-got unknown HTTP error code %s
-13-failed to serialize S-Expr-failed to serialize S-Expr: %s
-14-could not use Xen hypervisor entry-could not use Xen hypervisor entry %s
-15-failed Xen syscall-failed Xen syscall %s
-16-unknown OS type-unknown OS type %s
-17-missing kernel information-missing kernel information: %s
-18-missing root device information-missing root device information in %s
-19-missing source information for device-missing source information for device %s
-20-missing target information for device-missing target information for device %s
-21-missing name information-missing name information in %s
-22-missing operating system information-missing operating system information for %s
-23-missing devices information-missing devices information for %s
-24-could not connect to Xen Store-could not connect to Xen Store %s
-25-too many drivers registered-too many drivers registered in %s
-26-library call failed, possibly not supported-library call %s failed, possibly not supported
-27-XML description is invalid or not well formed-XML error: %s
-28-this domain exists already-domain %s exists already
-29-operation forbidden for read only access-operation forbidden: %s
-30-failed to open configuration file for reading-failed to open %s for reading
-31-failed to read configuration file-failed to read configuration file %s
-32-failed to parse configuration file-failed to parse configuration file %s
-33-configuration file syntax error-configuration file syntax error: %s
-34-failed to write configuration file-failed to write configuration file: %s
-35-parser error-%s
-36-invalid network pointer in-invalid network pointer in %s
-37-this network exists already-network %s exists already
-38-system call error-%s
-39-RPC error-%s
-40-GNUTLS call error-%s
-41-Failed to find the network-Failed to find the network: %s
-42-Domain not found-Domain not found: %s
-43-Network not found-Network not found: %s
-44-invalid MAC address-invalid MAC address: %s
-45-authentication failed-authentication failed: %s
-46-invalid storage pool pointer in-invalid storage pool pointer in %s
-47-invalid storage volume pointer in-invalid storage volume pointer in %s
-48-Failed to find a storage driver-Failed to find a storage driver: %s
-49-Storage pool not found-Storage pool not found: %s
-50-Storage volume not found-Storage volume not found: %s
-51-Failed to find a node driver-Failed to find a node driver: %s
-52-invalid node device pointer-invalid node device pointer in %s
-53-Node device not found-Node device not found: %s
-54-Security model not found-Security model not found: %s
-55-Requested operation is not valid-Requested operation is not valid: %s
-56-Failed to find the interface-Failed to find the interface: %s
-57-Interface not found-Interface not found: %s
-58-invalid interface pointer in-invalid interface pointer in %s
-59-multiple matching interfaces found-multiple matching interfaces found: %s
-60-Failed to start the nwfilter driver-Failed to start the nwfilter driver: %s
-61-Invalid network filter-Invalid network filter: %s
-62-Network filter not found-Network filter not found: %s
-63-Error while building firewall-Error while building firewall: %s
-64-Failed to find a secret storage driver-Failed to find a secret storage driver: %s
-65-Invalid secret-Invalid secret: %s
-66-Secret not found-Secret not found: %s
-67-unsupported configuration-unsupported configuration: %s
-68-Timed out during operation-Timed out during operation: %s
-69-Failed to make domain persistent after migration-Failed to make domain persistent after migration: %s
-70-Hook script execution failed-Hook script execution failed: %s
-71-Invalid snapshot-Invalid snapshot: %s
-72-Domain snapshot not found-Domain snapshot not found: %s
-73-invalid stream pointer-invalid stream pointer in %s
-74-argument unsupported-argument unsupported: %s
-75-Storage pool probe failed-Storage pool probe failed: %s
-76-Storage pool already built-Storage pool already built: %s
-77-revert requires force-revert requires force: %s
-78-operation aborted-operation aborted: %s
-79-authentication cancelled-authentication cancelled: %s
-80-metadata not found-metadata not found: %s
-81-Unsafe migration-Unsafe migration: %s
-82-numerical overflow-numerical overflow: %s
-83-block copy still active-block copy still active: %s
-84-Operation not supported-Operation not supported: %s
-85-SSH transport error-SSH transport error: %s
-86-Guest agent is not responding-Guest agent is not responding: %s
-87-resource busy-resource busy: %s
-88-access denied-access denied: %s
-89-error from service-error from service: %s
-90-this storage volume exists already-storage volume %s exists already
-91-the CPU is incompatible with host CPU-the CPU is incompatible with host CPU: %s
-92-XML document failed to validate against schema-XML document failed to validate against schema: %s
-93-migration successfully aborted-migration successfully aborted: %s
-94-authentication unavailable-authentication unavailable: %s
-95-Server not found-Server not found: %s
-96-Client not found-Client not found: %s
-97-guest agent replied with wrong id to guest-sync command-guest agent replied with wrong id to guest-sync command: %s
-98-libssh transport error-libssh transport error: %s
-99-device not found-device not found: %s
-100-Invalid network filter binding-Invalid network filter binding: %s
-101-Network filter binding not found-Network filter binding not found: %s
diff --git a/tests/virerrortest.c b/tests/virerrortest.c
index e985ca743b..0d0377bfa8 100644
--- a/tests/virerrortest.c
+++ b/tests/virerrortest.c
@@ -87,29 +87,6 @@ virErrorTestMsgs(const void *opaque ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)

-static int
-virErrorTestMsgsStable(const void *opaque ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
-    virBuffer buf = VIR_BUFFER_INITIALIZER;
-    char *actual = NULL;
-    size_t i;
-    int ret = 0;
-    for (i = 1; i < VIR_ERR_NUMBER_LAST; i++) {
-        virBufferAsprintf(&buf, "%zu-", i);
-        virBufferStrcat(&buf, virErrorMsg(i, NULL), "-", virErrorMsg(i, ""), "\n", NULL);
-    }
-    actual = virBufferContentAndReset(&buf);
-    if (virTestCompareToFile(actual, abs_srcdir "/virerrormessages.txt") < 0)
-        ret = -1;
-    VIR_FREE(actual);
-    return ret;
 static int
@@ -117,8 +94,6 @@ mymain(void)

     if (virTestRun("error message strings ", virErrorTestMsgs, NULL) < 0)
         ret = -1;
-    if (virTestRun("error message strings stability ", virErrorTestMsgsStable, NULL) < 0)
-        ret = -1;

     return ret == 0 ? EXIT_SUCCESS : EXIT_FAILURE;

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