[libvirt] [PATCH 00/10] Enable direct use of secondary drivers

Peter Krempa pkrempa at redhat.com
Mon Jan 29 10:58:11 UTC 2018

On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 13:35:27 +0000, Daniel Berrange wrote:
> Currently the secondary drivers can only be used if you have a
> connection to a primary hypervisor driver. This series introduces
> explicit URIs that allow opening a connection that only talks to a
> specific secondary driver. In the future these URIs will resolve to
> individual daemons containing those drivers.

I'm so glad to see this, it felt awkward to hand off the connection
pointer through massive call chains. 

The only thing I'm afraid of in the future is that once the daemons are
split, if the user has a valid connection pointer, the code may still
fail if it fails to open a secondary connection to e.g. the storage
driver. All this while the original caller already had a valid pointer.

> This also allows us to fix long standing problems with most code that
> uses secrets internally. We need to pass a virConnectPtr into such code
> but some call stacks don't have a connection available. In some cases we
> open a temporary connection to the QEMU driver, but this is suboptimal
> for deployments without the QEMU driver present.

That always grossed me out.

> Daniel P. Berrangé (10):
>   storage: move driver registration back to end of the file
>   storage: allow opening with storage:///system and storage:///session
>     URIs
>   network: move driver registration back to end of the file
>   network: allow opening with network:///system and network:///session
>     URIs
>   nwfilter: allow opening with nwfilter:///system URI
>   interface: allow opening with interface:///system and
>     interface:///session URIs
>   nodedev: allow opening with nodedev:///system and nodedev:///session
>     URIs
>   secret: allow opening with secret:///system and secret:///session URIs

All of the patches above copy-paste code which has wrong coding style,
so all need to be fixed.

>   storage: open secret driver connection at time of use
>   storage: remove virConnectPtr from all backend functions

And the opening of the helper connection really needs a helper function.

ACK with the cosmetic tweaks

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