[libvirt] [RFC] Defining firmware (OVMF, et al) metadata format & file

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Thu Mar 8 07:52:45 UTC 2018


> > [*] Open question: Who, between QEMU and libvirt, should define the said
> > firmware metadata format and file?
> IMHO QEMU should be defining the format, because the file will contain
> info about certain QEMU features associated with the firmware (eg smm).
> Also there are potentially other non-libvirt mgmt apps that spawn QEMU
> which would like this info (eg libguestfs), so having libvirt define the
> format is inappropriate.
> I'd suggest we just need something in docs/specs/firmware-metadata.rst
> for QEMU source tree.
> Potentially QEMU could even use the metadata files itself for finding
> the default firmeware images, instead of compiling this info into its
> binaries. I wouldn't suggest we need todo that right away, but bear it
> in mind as a potential use case.

With qemu using this itself in mind it probably makes sense to specify
this as qapi schema.  That'll simplify parsing and using these files in
qemu, and possibly simplifies things on the libvirt side too.


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