ANNOUNCE: primary git repos switched to

Daniel P. Berrangé berrange at
Tue Apr 7 10:51:37 UTC 2020

Hello All,

As of this email, the primary host for libvirt project git repositories
has been switched to with all projects under the following

The development process remains the same for now, with patches still to
be submitted to this mailing list as before.

The repositories on will continue to exist, but as an automated
read-only mirror of the primary repositories, so may be delayed
30-60 minutes vs the primary repos.

To update your current checkouts to point to the new primary repos use
the following:

     git remote set-url origin$REPO.git


     git remote set-url origin

(if you are a person with commit rights you'll need to use the ssh URL
 instead which I've emailed you about directly)

Switching over to require merge requests is a separate task that will be
done incrementally for repos over a period of time, with further announcements
made on this at a later date.

As long as a ".gitpublish" config file exists in a repo, then patches for
that repo should continue to be sent to this mailing list.

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