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Daniel P. Berrangé berrange at
Thu Apr 9 10:10:08 UTC 2020

On Wed, Apr 08, 2020 at 04:45:46PM +0100, Daniel P. Berrangé wrote:

> Various GSoC pages, the per-year pages, and for 2016 only
> some reports from the contributors. Most of the latter is
> outdated info that's no longer really relevant, so I'd
> probablyjust delete the last 4 pages, and move the rest
> to the main site.
>     Google Summer of Code 2016
>     Google Summer of Code 2017
>     Google Summer of Code 2018
>     Google Summer of Code 2019
>     Google Summer of Code FAQ
>     Google Summer of Code Ideas
>     Google Summer of Code 2016/Abstracting device address allocation
>     Google Summer of Code 2016/Asynchronous lifecycle events for storage objects
>     Google Summer of Code 2016/Making virsh more bash like
>     Google Summer of Code 2016/lxc migration

What do people think of using the GitLab issue tracker for main Google
Summer of Code ideas page ?

We could have a "gsoc" label that we apply to issues to make it easy
to view them all. The initial issue description would describe the high
level of the project. The issue tracker can be used for further discussions
as the project is planned and then gets underway, as well as letting us
track progress.

We could create further tags  "gsoc::2018" when issues are picked for
a particular year.

> Various misc pages that I've not spent too much time looking at each
> page, but as a rough approx I'd keep the following list, pulling it
> into the main website
>     BiteSizedTasks

I think this one should turn into an issue tracker label too, and
have created a "bitesizedtask" label in gitlab.

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