Wiki page audit - possible page deleteion

Ján Tomko jtomko at
Wed Apr 15 14:08:05 UTC 2020

On a Wednesday in 2020, Daniel P. Berrangé wrote:
>Ideally I would like to decomission the current
>site. It is based on mediawiki running on openshift and has myself
>as a single point of failure.
>GitLab provides a wiki, but I don't think we need to use that
>either, as I think that it is desirable to bring the content into
>our main website.
>By putting an "edit this page" link on each page of our website,
>users can quickly see what source to change. There is still the
>burden of submitting a merge request & having review feedback,
>but I think we could mitigate this by having the reviewer
>actually make the changes they want directly, avoiding the
>tedious back & forth updates in easy cases. GitLab allows
>this if the person opening the merge request selects the
>option to allow maintainers to edit code.
>In any case, to remove we need to do something
>with its current content. The majority of content was first
>created 5-10 years ago, only a handful of pages get frequent
>edits right now:
>Looking at the pages I see some key groups, so I'll talk
>about them separately...

Is this a list of the recently changed pages? Or all of them?


>Various misc pages that I've not spent too much time looking at each
>page, but as a rough approx I'd keep the following list, pulling it
>into the main website
>    BiteSizedTasks

>    DebugLogs
>    Debugging

I'll put these two into a kbase article.

>    FAQ
>    Libvirt-snmp
>    Libvirtd and dnsmasq
>    Live-disk-backup-with-active-blockcommit
>    Live-merge-an-entire-disk-image-chain-including-current-active-disk
>    Maintenance Releases
>    NPIV in libvirt
>    Net.bridge-nf-call and sysctl.conf
>    Net.bridge.bridge-nf-call and sysctl.conf
>    Networking
>    Qemu guest agent
>    SSHPolicyKitSetup
>    VM lifecycle
>    Vhost-scsi target
>And probably delete the following (though some might want
>preserving upon closer inspection)
>    AprilFools'

This one does not belong to a git repo IMO. I'll just keep it to myself

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