FYI: upstream bug reporting now using

Daniel P. Berrangé berrange at
Thu Apr 16 11:06:42 UTC 2020

In keeping with our general aim to consolidate libvirt project infrastructure
services on GitLab, we now wish to have issues for upstream libvirt projects
reported on the appropriate repository issue
tracker. For further details see:

Bugs against OS distro provided binary packages should continue to be filed
against the OS distros' own bug trackers unless the problem is known to also
affect current upstream libvirt versions.

Note that as part of this change, the "Virtualization Tools" component on has been updated to remove the ability to file new
bugs against libvirt related components.  Existing bugs there still exist
in bugzilla, but new bugs can only be filed against

Over time we hope to triage old bugs and close those that are either
invalid, or those not likely to be addressed given current maintainer
resources available.

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