[RFC 00/29] RFC: Generate object-model code based on relax-ng files

Andrea Bolognani abologna at redhat.com
Wed Apr 22 09:37:23 UTC 2020

On Wed, 2020-04-22 at 09:48 +0100, Daniel P. Berrangé wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 22, 2020 at 01:51:10PM +0800, Shi Lei wrote:
> > As you suggested, parsing C-structs plus some magic comments may be a good starting point.
> > But parsing C is much more difficult than parsing xml or json. I think this job should base on
> > some present tools or other basis. We can first refer to Clang or other light compiler front-end.
> > Maybe we can utilize some output of the middle stage of these compilers.
> FWIW, we already have a tool in libvirt that parsers C header files. The
> scripts/apibuild.py file extracts info about our enums, structs, APIs and
> uses it to build the public API documentation.
> I wonder if we can refactor that tool to extract the code for parsing into
> a module, so that we can more reasily re-use it for both the API docs and
> for a new XML generator

Or we could replace that C parsing code with something based on

Either way, if this ever becomes usable I think it should not live
in the libvirt repository but be a standalone tool instead, as I can
see many projects potentially benefiting from it.

Which begs the question: are we absolutely certain something like
this doesn't exist already? We should make sure that's really the
case before we invest time on it...

Andrea Bolognani / Red Hat / Virtualization

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