[PATCH V3 5/5] cpu: Introduce getHost support for ARM CPU driver

Jiri Denemark jdenemar at redhat.com
Wed Apr 29 15:45:14 UTC 2020


On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 16:03:19 +0800, Zhenyu Zheng wrote:
> Hi Jiri,
> Thanks alot for the help, I've updated the series to v4 and also attached
> pipeline results for each patch as suggested.

I explicitly said you don't have to send a new version just for that
small issue...

And I don't think pipeline results are needed for each patch, one result
for the whole series should be enough to assure the code compiles on all
tested architectures. Reviewers will usually check themselves whether
the series can be compiled after each patch. I just wanted you to take
the branch with all the patches and push it to gitlab, which will start
a single CI pipeline for all the changes (just like in your v3), but the
branch on gitlab will contain each patch of your series as is (while in
v3 you squashed all patches into a single commit and pushed that).

That said, all this is mainly a guidance for future submission. It's
*not* a request for yet another respin of this series.

In the meantime I found two AArch64 hosts with CPUs recognized by your
changes so I'm playing with them.


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