[libvirt PATCH 00/12] virtio failover / vfio auto-plug-on-migrate

Laine Stump laine at redhat.com
Mon Jan 20 03:34:17 UTC 2020

I forgot to mention in the cover letter - there is a bug in the QEMU 
4.2.0 release that causes the qemu process to crash whenever the vfio 
device is unplugged, and for some reason when booting a Fedora 31 guest 
with a failover pair, the guest kernel attempts to unplug the vfio 
device during its initial boot! Fortunately that bug is already fixed, 
by this qemu commit:


We've also noticed that if the vfio device of the pair is manually 
unplugged from the guest, the DEVICE_DELETED event never makes it back 
up to libvirt, and so the device isn't removed from the libvirt config 
for the guest, is marked as still in-use, and can't be re-plugged into 
the same or any other guest until that particular guest is shut down. We 
still haven't found the root cause of that problem, but it seems likely 
it's not in these patches (more likely an issue in qemu or in the 
guest), so I posted them :-)

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