[PATCH] apparmor: fix qemu_bridge_helper for named profile

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at canonical.com
Thu Jan 30 07:21:26 UTC 2020

Since a3ab6d42 "apparmor: convert libvirtd profile to a named profile"
the detection of the subelement for qemu_bridge_helper is wrong.

In combination with the older 123cc3e1 "apparmor: allow
/usr/lib/qemu/qemu-bridge-helper" it now detects qemu-bridge-helper no
more with its path, but instead as a proper subelement of the named profile
like: label=libvirtd//qemu_bridge_helper

In the same fashion the reverse rule in the qemu_bridge_helper
sub-profile still uses the path and not the named profile label.

Triggering denies like:
apparmor="DENIED" operation="file_inherit"
  profile="libvirtd//qemu_bridge_helper" pid=5629 comm="qemu-bridge-hel"
  family="unix" sock_type="stream" protocol=0 requested_mask="send receive"
  denied_mask="send receive" addr=none peer_addr=none peer="libvirtd"

This patch fixes the unix socket rules for the communication between
libvirtd and qemu-bridge-helper to match that.

Fixes: a3ab6d42d825499af44b8f19f9299e150d9687bc
Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/+bug/1655111

Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <christian.ehrhardt at canonical.com>
 src/security/apparmor/usr.sbin.libvirtd | 6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/src/security/apparmor/usr.sbin.libvirtd b/src/security/apparmor/usr.sbin.libvirtd
index 29f9936ad9..172972e525 100644
--- a/src/security/apparmor/usr.sbin.libvirtd
+++ b/src/security/apparmor/usr.sbin.libvirtd
@@ -62,8 +62,8 @@ profile libvirtd /usr/sbin/libvirtd flags=(attach_disconnected) {
   signal (send) set=("kill", "term") peer=unconfined,
   # For communication/control to qemu-bridge-helper
-  unix (send, receive) type=stream addr=none peer=(label=/usr/sbin/libvirtd//qemu_bridge_helper),
-  signal (send) set=("term") peer=/usr/sbin/libvirtd//qemu_bridge_helper,
+  unix (send, receive) type=stream addr=none peer=(label=libvirtd//qemu_bridge_helper),
+  signal (send) set=("term") peer=libvirtd//qemu_bridge_helper,
   # allow connect with openGraphicsFD, direction reversed in newer versions
   unix (send, receive) type=stream addr=none peer=(label=libvirt-[0-9a-f]*-[0-9a-f]*-[0-9a-f]*-[0-9a-f]*-[0-9a-f]*),
@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ profile libvirtd /usr/sbin/libvirtd flags=(attach_disconnected) {
    network inet stream,
    # For communication/control from libvirtd
-   unix (send, receive) type=stream addr=none peer=(label=/usr/sbin/libvirtd),
+   unix (send, receive) type=stream addr=none peer=(label=libvirtd),
    signal (receive) set=("term") peer=/usr/sbin/libvirtd,
    signal (receive) set=("term") peer=libvirtd,

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