[question]qemu: any plan to support ivshmem-plain migration?

Wangxin (Alexander, Cloud Infrastructure Service Product Dept.) wangxinxin.wang at huawei.com
Mon Jul 6 13:14:04 UTC 2020

Hi, Martin

Ivshmem-plain device support property role with 'master'(master=on) or 'peer'(master=off, default mode), which controls
to copy the shared memory on migration to the destination host or not.

And libvirt does not support to configure 'role' yet, see msg

Qemu use 'master=off' as ivshmem-plain default property, the guest create by libvirt api can't be migrated now.

Do you have an plan to support the property 'role' and ivshmem-palin migration?


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