Greetings from cirrus-run author

Vitaly Potyarkin at
Thu Jul 30 10:58:28 UTC 2020

Hello, my name is Vitaly - I'm the author of cirrus-run.

I was amazed to see that a project of such importance and scale uses the
tool I created! Thank you very much! I never expected it to receive much
recognition outside of a few random hobbyists, after all I wrote it just
to cheap out on CI runs for a personal project.

I noticed that you expressed a wish to have full CI log fetched and
displayed on stdout. I agree that it would be a nice feature to have,
and I've planned to make it like that from the beginning, but the
GraphQL query for that was not straightforward at all and I've settled
for what we have now. I added an issue [1] in cirrus-run repo and will try
to return to that sometime.

I also noticed you've implemented some custom templating mechanics with
@VARIABLES@ and sed in build.yml - why did you choose to go that way
instead of templating with Jinja? Are there some underlying issues?

Thank you very much for using cirrus-run! You've made me feel warm and


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