[libvirt PATCH 00/31] fixes and cleanups for current build system

Pavel Hrdina phrdina at redhat.com
Thu Jul 9 14:38:23 UTC 2020

On Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 02:24:58PM +0200, Pavel Hrdina wrote:
> While working on rewrite to Meson I discovered some parts of our
> current build system that could be improved to help with the
> transition to Meson. It will make the review of the Meson patches
> a bit easier.
> Pavel Hrdina (31):
>   build: use DLOPEN_LIBS directly
>   configure: drop check for unsupported FreeBSD
>   configure: introduce FLAT_NAMESPACE_FLAGS
>   configure: remove usage of AC_HEADER_MAJOR
>   Makefile: drop undefined LIB_CLOCK_GETTIME
>   docs: remove incorrect generated files by apibuild.py
>   docs: remove unused wrapstring.xsl file
>   docs: drop %.png: %.fig rule
>   m4: virt-sanlock: drop check for sanlock_inq_lockspace
>   m4: virt-sanlock: use pkg-config to find libsanlock_client
>   m4: virt-sanlock: drop check for SANLK_INQ_WAIT
>   m4: virt-sanlock: drop check for sanlock_killpath()
>   m4: virt-sanlock: drop check for sanlock_write_lockspace()
>   m4: virt-secdriver-selinux: drop obsolete function checks
>   m4: virt-selinux: drop check for selabel_open signature change
>   m4: virt-xdr: rewrite XDR check
>   po: change the format of POTFILES.in
>   scripts: check-remote-protocol: remove unused OBJEXT argument
>   src: Makefile: remove LOCK_CHECKING_CFLAGS leftover
>   src: remove unnecessary -I$(srcdir)/secret include
>   src: remote: Makefile: drop CFLAGS and LDFLAGS duplication
>   src: logging: Makefile: drop undefined LOG_DRIVER
>   src: util: rename some program macros
>   src: util: Makefile: drop undefined LDEXP_LIBM
>   src: util: Makefile: drop undefined OPENPTY_LIBS
>   src: remote: Makefile: properly format sysconfdir in virtproxyd.conf
>   src: unify virFileActivateDirOverride()
>   tests: commandhelper: change how we detect if running as daemon
>   tests: use WITH_NSS instead of NSS
>   tools: virsh-secret: fix compilation error
>   tools: wireshark: fix compilation errors


I know that this is not that popular part of libvirt code-base to work
on but it would be nice to have it pushed quickly so I can send a
followup series that switches from autoconf to Meson and it depends on
these cleanup patches.

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