Entering freeze for libvirt-6.6.0

Ján Tomko jtomko at redhat.com
Mon Jul 27 16:23:09 UTC 2020

On a Monday in 2020, Jim Fehlig wrote:
>On 7/24/20 5:06 PM, Jiri Denemark wrote:
>>I have just tagged v6.6.0-rc1 in the repository and pushed signed
>>tarballs and source RPMs to https://libvirt.org/sources/
>I'm not having much luck finding your public key used for signing. At 
>https://pgp.key-server.io/ I've found 1024D/8A42DBE1 associated with 
>your @redhat.com mail address but it appears this is not the key you 
>used. Can you please provide a pointer to your public key? Thanks!

Both pgp.ocf.berkeley.edu and pgp.uni-mainz.de seem to have it,
the rest of the servers from the SKS pool [0] I randomly tried
did not catch up yet.

Also note that the key is not (yet) signed by any other libvirt
maintainers, partially thanks to the pandemic, and thanks to the
flooding of the PGP web of trust by fake signatures:



[0] https://sks-keyservers.net/status/
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