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Daniel P. Berrangé berrange at
Thu Jul 30 13:32:44 UTC 2020

On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 01:58:28PM +0300, Vitaly Potyarkin wrote:
> Hello, my name is Vitaly - I'm the author of cirrus-run.
> I was amazed to see that a project of such importance and scale uses the
> tool I created! Thank you very much! I never expected it to receive much
> recognition outside of a few random hobbyists, after all I wrote it just
> to cheap out on CI runs for a personal project.
> I noticed that you expressed a wish to have full CI log fetched and
> displayed on stdout. I agree that it would be a nice feature to have,
> and I've planned to make it like that from the beginning, but the
> GraphQL query for that was not straightforward at all and I've settled
> for what we have now. I added an issue [1] in cirrus-run repo and will try
> to return to that sometime.

FWIW, I don't think we need to have "live" logs while the job is
running. That's more of a nice to have category.

What I was mostly interested in was to simply pull over the log
output once the job completes/fails. Essentially so that when
someone goes to browse the job results upon completion of the
GitLab pipeline, all the log data is viewable from the same
place. This would also mean that the GitLab emails sent on
failure would be able to include the last 20 lines of the
real build failure.

So possibly that is as simple as just figuring out the URL where
Cirrus CI stores the log and just pulling down its contents. May
not really involve the Cirrus CI API at all. In fact we could
probably do that in libvirt's GitLab CI rules, but if cirrus-run
wants to provide this kind of feature it'd obviously make it more
accessible to a wider userbase.

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