Greetings from cirrus-run author

Vitaly Potyarkin at
Thu Jul 30 14:28:33 UTC 2020

On 30 July 2020 17:17:56 GMT+03:00, Andrea Bolognani wrote:
>That makes sense. The Web UI provides links to all other instances of
>a certain task when it gets rescheduled, however, so I wonder whether
>the API also exposes that information and whether cirrus-run would be
>able to "chase" after the task by using it... They both belong to the
>same build after all, so it should be possible to correlate them.

I've created an issue with some explanation:

Currently cirrus-run is tracking the status for the whole build, and I'd really like to know what build status looks like while task is being rescheduled. I know it's not feasible to run all CI in verbose mode, so I do not really expect catch such case with '-v' on. 

Tracking build status by individual tasks would be tricky: some task failures do not lead to build failure (like in this case) while most of them do. I think a simple timeout & recheck should work. 

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