[PATCH] autogen.sh: Restore --no-git (avoid git submodule update)

Ian Jackson ian.jackson at citrix.com
Wed Jun 3 13:28:58 UTC 2020

Pavel Hrdina writes ("Re: [PATCH] autogen.sh: Restore --no-git (avoid git submodule update)"):
> To be honest I don't understand why would anyone want to keep track of
> all submodules of all projects for any CI and update it manually every
> time the upstream project changes these submodules. Sounds like a lot
> of unnecessary work but maybe I'm missing something.

Maybe I should answer this.  The short answer is that this can be done
entirely automatically.

> Well, we will break a lot more by switching to Meson build system where
> everyone building libvirt will have to change their scripts as it will
> not be compatible at all.

When that occurs we'll have to change our build rune, of course.

Our CI system (which does bisection and stable tracking and so on)
will wants to build old versions, so it'll have to have both build
runes and look for something in-tree to tell the two methods apart.


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