[libvirt PATCH v2 00/10] Add ability to create mediated devices in libvirt

Michal Privoznik mprivozn at redhat.com
Tue Jun 16 11:55:28 UTC 2020

On 6/10/20 10:09 PM, Jonathon Jongsma wrote:
> On Wed, 2020-06-10 at 20:01 +0200, Michal Privoznik wrote:

>> Patches look good to me. I've raised couple of small issues (mostly
>> mem
>> leaks), but suggested what needs to be squashed in. I'm keeping it
>> all
>> in my local branch, ready to push if you agree with my comments (no
>> need
>> to send v3 then).
> I have no objections to your squashed patches. Thanks for that.

Based on the discussion in 07/10, we will need slightly different 
approach to tests. Unfortunately, I have to retract my offer, but I will 
review v3. Fortunately, I have posted all squash ins that I found.


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