[PATCH] virtlogd: solve some memory leaks

wangjian (AN) wangjian161 at huawei.com
Wed Jun 17 07:58:08 UTC 2020

1. Yes, our testers opened some compilation options, such as -fsanitizer=leak.
2. The version of libvirt we are using is 3.2.0. Our tester deployed a long-lived environment and did many operations (he didn't remember what he did), 
  such as restarting virtlogd, restarting libvirtd, creating virtual machines, kill -9 virtlogd, libvirtd, etc.

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On 6/16/20 8:26 AM, wangjian wrote:
> We used asan to find some memory leaks in virtlogd. In the 
> virThreadPoolFree function, When job->data is of type virNetServerJobPtr, the following memory leak problem exists.
> 1. job->data is not released
> Direct leak of 24 byte(s) in 1 object(s) allocated from:
>    #0 0x7f14ab932560 in calloc (/usr/local/gcc-6-4/lib64/libasan.so.3+0xc7560)  ??:?
>    #1 0x55ab07088853 in virAlloc (/usr/sbin/virtlogd+0x31853)  /usr/src/debug/libvirt-3.2.0-529.x86_64/src/util/viralloc.c:144
>    #2 0x55ab0707a515 (/usr/sbin/virtlogd+0x23515)  /usr/src/debug/libvirt-3.2.0-529.x86_64/src/rpc/virnetserver.c:209
>    #3 0x55ab07076d87 (/usr/sbin/virtlogd+0x1fd87)  /usr/src/debug/libvirt-3.2.0-529.x86_64/src/rpc/virnetserverclient.c:1374
>    #4 0x55ab070770e2 (/usr/sbin/virtlogd+0x200e2)  /usr/src/debug/libvirt-3.2.0-529.x86_64/src/rpc/virnetserverclient.c:1563
>    #5 0x55ab0709c67f in virEventPollRunOnce (/usr/sbin/virtlogd+0x4567f)  /usr/src/debug/libvirt-3.2.0-529.x86_64/src/util/vireventpoll.c:508
>    #6 0x55ab0709ad30 in virEventRunDefaultImpl (/usr/sbin/virtlogd+0x43d30)  /usr/src/debug/libvirt-3.2.0-529.x86_64/src/util/virevent.c:314
>    #7 0x55ab07079f6c in virNetDaemonRun (/usr/sbin/virtlogd+0x22f6c)  /usr/src/debug/libvirt-3.2.0-529.x86_64/src/rpc/virnetdaemon.c:847
>    #8 0x55ab070714db in main (/usr/sbin/virtlogd+0x1a4db)  /usr/src/debug/libvirt-3.2.0-529.x86_64/src/logging/log_daemon.c:1162
>    #9 0x7f14aa3c2c56 in __libc_start_main (/usr/lib64/libc.so.6+0x25c56)  ??:?
>    #10 0x55ab07072639 in _start (/usr/sbin/virtlogd+0x1b639)  ??:?


firstly, I'm interested how you used asan. By providing -fsanitize=address to CFLAGS?

Secondly, can you test the latest master? The memleaks you attach show libvirt-3.2.0. I've ran valgrind over the latest master but was unable to reproduce any leak:

==107012==    definitely lost: 0 bytes in 0 blocks
==107012==    indirectly lost: 0 bytes in 0 blocks
==107012==      possibly lost: 1,368 bytes in 19 blocks

What do I need to do to reproduce?


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