[PATCH libvirt v2 0/5] Fix zPCI address auto-generation on s390

Andrea Bolognani abologna at redhat.com
Thu Jun 25 18:01:03 UTC 2020

On Thu, 2020-06-18 at 10:25 +0200, Shalini Chellathurai Saroja wrote:
> Shalini Chellathurai Saroja (5):
>   conf: use g_autofree to ensure automatic cleanup
>   conf: fix zPCI address auto-generation on s390
>   qemu: move ZPCI uid validation into device validation
>   tests: qemu: add more tests for ZPCI on S390
>   tests: add test with PCI and CCW device

Aside from the comments in patch 2/5, everything looks good to me.

The series does, however, not update the release notes (NEWS.rst):
can you please post a 6/5 patch that takes care of that, assuming we
decide not to go with a respin?


Andrea Bolognani / Red Hat / Virtualization

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