kvm-hint-dedicated requires host CPU passthrough?

Wim ten Have wim.ten.have at oracle.com
Mon Jun 29 11:58:13 UTC 2020

Hi Stefan, sorry for my very late response as I was temporarily out
and unfortunately missed this email thread.

For your question (remark), yes, you're right.   This feature should
not apply to specific <cpu mode='host-passthrough'... /> scenario.
Something else to look into is that the feature can only work if the
serving layer underneath by capabilities does support the request.

Short, yes, this needs correction.

- Wim10H.

On Wed, 20 May 2020 18:13:57 +0100
Stefan Hajnoczi <stefanha at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> libvirt refuses to set KVM_HINTS_DEDICATED when the CPU model is not
> host-passthrough.
> Is there a reason for this limitation?
> My understanding is that KVM_HINTS_DEDICATED means the vCPU is pinned to
> a host CPU that is not shared with other tasks. Any KVM vCPU should be
> able to support this feature, regardless of whether host-passthrough is
> used or not.
> Stefan

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