[libvirt PATCH v4 5/6] qemu: support hotplug of vdpa devices

Laine Stump laine at redhat.com
Fri Oct 2 03:05:59 UTC 2020

On 10/1/20 5:08 PM, Jonathon Jongsma wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Sep 2020 15:53:39 -0400
> Laine Stump <laine at redhat.com> wrote:
>>> +
>>> +        if (vdpafdset < 0) {
>>> +            VIR_WARN("Cannot determine fdset for vdpa device");
>>> +        } else {
>>> +            if (qemuMonitorRemoveFdset(priv->mon, vdpafdset) < 0) {
>>> +                /* if it fails, there's not much we can do... just
>>> carry on */
>>> +                VIR_WARN("failed to close vdpa device");
>>> +            }
>>> +        }
>> I agree there's not much we can do here to make the situation better,
>> but is it really going to be okay to inform the user that the device
>> is now free, since it apparently isn't? If we go ahead and send the
>> DEVICE_DELETED event up to the application, then it will think that
>> the same vdpa device is now available to be re-used elsewhere. Do you
>> have an idea what are the odds on that being true? (I don't, that's
>> why I'm asking :-)).
> I don't either ;)
>> It may be safer to return failure, so the device is just stuck shown
>> as in-use by this guest; that would be bad, but maybe not as bad as
>> if it was still actually being used by this guest somehow (possible,
>> since the fd couldn't be deleted), and a 2nd guest started using it
>> too. (I really don't know what the consequences of any of this might
>> be; just trying to inject my sunny disposition into the mix;
>> truthfully I'd be willing to accept either way, just wanted to make
>> sure it's considered).
> Well, that's a good point. The reason that I printed a warning rather
> than returning an error is because I was influenced by some of the
> nearby code.
> In order to remove a network device, this function has to do a couple
> things (depending on the type of network device). First It removes the
> netdev (netdev_del), and then it may need to do some additional cleanup.
> For TYPE_VHOSTUSER, it needs to detach a chardev. For TYPE_VDPA, it
> needs to close the fd that we passed to qemu. So what do we do if
> 'netdev_del' succeeds, but 'remove-fd' does not?
> If we return an error from this function, the caller will interpret that
> as if we failed to remove the network device. But qemu has already
> removed the netdev. So things are in an inconsistent state.
> TYPE_VHOSTUSER just carries on without even printing a warning if the
> chardev can't be removed. So I did something similar here for vDPA, but
> added a warning. I'm not sure that there's really a "good" solution
> here.
> Regarding the possibility of a second guest attempting to use the vdpa
> device that was unsuccessfully removed: I have only tested with the
> vdpa_sim kernel module, but if the fd is not closed, attempting to
> re-use it with a different guest fails like this:
> error: Failed to attach device from vdpa.xml
> error: Unable to open '/dev/vhost-vdpa-0' for vdpa device: Device or
> resource busy

Okay, based on that explanation, I think your solution is as good as, or 
better than, any other.

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