[PATCH 00/20] qemu: migration_cookie: Refactor and modernize

Peter Krempa pkrempa at redhat.com
Fri Oct 2 08:57:34 UTC 2020

Note that this applies on top of the recent bitmap refactors

Peter Krempa (20):
  qemu: migration_cookie: Extract parsing/validation of mandatory
  qemuMigrationCookieXMLParse: Switch to single-purpose temporary
  qemuMigrationCookieXMLParse: Check domain element count more
  qemuMigrationCookieXMLParse: Decrease scope of 'nodes' and use
    automatic freeing
  qemuMigrationCookieXMLParse: Remove comment mentioning that error was
    already set
  qemuMigrationCookieXMLParse: Remove 'error' label
  qemuMigrationCookieGraphicsXMLFormat: Use 'virXMLFormatElement'
  qemuMigrationCookieNetworkXMLFormat: Refactor XML formatting
  qemuMigrationCookieXMLFormat: Extract formatting of NBD
  qemuDomainExtractTLSSubject: Refactor memory handling
  qemu: migration_cookie: Register 'autoptr' functions for internal
  qemuMigrationCookieGraphicsSpiceAlloc: Refactor memory handling
  qemuMigrationCookieNetworkAlloc: Refactor memory handling
  qemuMigrationCookieXMLFormat: Refactor memory handling
  qemuMigrationCookieNetworkXMLParse: Refactor memory handling
  qemuMigrationCookieNBDXMLParse: Refactor memory handling
  qemuMigrationCookieCapsXMLParse: Refactor memory handling
  qemuMigrationCookieAddCaps: Use 'g_new0' instead of VIR_ALLOC
  qemuMigrationCookieXMLParse: Avoid VIR_FREE when parsing lockstate
  qemu: migration_cookie: s/VIR_FREE/g_free/

 src/qemu/qemu_migration_cookie.c | 493 ++++++++++++++-----------------
 1 file changed, 214 insertions(+), 279 deletions(-)


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