[libvirt PATCH v4 1/5] schema: Make element "topology" in host CPU definition optional

Peter Krempa pkrempa at redhat.com
Wed Oct 7 09:08:21 UTC 2020

On Wed, Oct 07, 2020 at 10:54:54 +0200, Tim Wiederhake wrote:
> This element is not always present, see e.g.
> x86_64-cpuid-Xeon-X5460-host.xml, x86_64-cpuid-Pentium-P6100-host.xml,
> or x86_64-cpuid-EPYC-7601-32-Core-ibpb-host.xml.

Unfortunately this is not enough to persuade me that the change is
correct though.


> Signed-off-by: Tim Wiederhake <twiederh at redhat.com>
> ---

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