where can i find the sourcecode from virDomainDestroy ?

Lentes, Bernd bernd.lentes at helmholtz-muenchen.de
Fri Oct 16 15:37:53 UTC 2020


i have some questions concerning the destroying of domains, and i hope i'm right here. If not sorry for the disturbance.
I'm running a two node HA cluster with pacemaker and KVM domains as resources.
>From time to time when i try to stop a domain with the cluster manager that does not work, so the domain is destroyed.
That's ok.
But seldom and irregular also destroy does not work, so the node this domain is running on is fenced.
That's ugly. Fencing is the worst which can happen to a cluster and i try to avoid it.
Maybe destroy does not work because of heavy load, i'm currently examing that.

I installed the source package from libvirt-4.0.0, i have a SLES 12 SP4.
I found a virsh-domain.c which i assume is responsible for the domains. Right ?
I found a function called "virDomainDestroy", which i believe has the purpose to destroy the domain. Right ?
But i don't find the source for that function. I greped the whole source code for it, but didn't find it.
I'd like to know what this function returns in success or failure.

Could you please help me ?




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