[PATCH 0/6] qemu: Fix cdrom as SCSI hostdev via -blockdev

daggs daggs at gmx.com
Tue Oct 20 12:54:44 UTC 2020

Greetings Peter,

> Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 3:39 PM
> From: "daggs" <daggs at gmx.com>
> To: "Peter Krempa" <pkrempa at redhat.com>
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> Subject: Re: [PATCH 0/6] qemu: Fix cdrom as SCSI hostdev via -blockdev
> Greetings Peter,
> that might consistent with the fact that I had to use e1000e for the nic because virtio didn't worked as should.
> the docs states the model one of 'auto', 'buslogic', 'ibmvscsi', 'lsilogic', 'lsisas1068', 'lsisas1078', 'virtio-scsi', 'vmpvscsi', 'virtio-transitional', 'virtio-non-transitional'. any recommendation on which to use?
> DAgg.

so apparently, the os I'm using in the vm comes with scsi virtio disabled in the kernel...
will rebuild the os and report.

thanks for all your work.


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