[libvirt PATCH v5 6/6] Include vdpa devices in node device list

Laine Stump laine at redhat.com
Mon Oct 26 06:44:06 UTC 2020

On 10/14/20 1:08 PM, Jonathon Jongsma wrote:
> The current udev node device driver ignores all events related to vdpa
> devices. Since libvirt now supports vDPA network devices, include these
> devices in the device list.
> Example output:
> virsh # nodedev-list
> [...ommitted long list of nodedevs...]
> vdpa_vdpa0
> virsh # nodedev-dumpxml vdpa_vdpa0
> <device>
>    <name>vdpa_vdpa0</name>
>    <path>/sys/devices/vdpa0</path>
>    <parent>computer</parent>
>    <driver>
>      <name>vhost_vdpa</name>
>    </driver>
>    <capability type='vdpa'>
>      <chardev>/dev/vhost-vdpa-0</chardev>
>    </capability>
> </device>
> NOTE: normally the 'parent' would be a PCI device instead of 'computer',
> but this example output is from the vdpa_sim kernel module, so it
> doesn't have a normal parent device.
> Signed-off-by: Jonathon Jongsma <jjongsma at redhat.com>

Reviewed-by: Laine Stump <laine at redhat.com>

(I had left this patch in limbo in case anyone had issues with the 
particular element names, and then forgot about it for the last week. 
Seeing that nobody had an issue, I'm pushing it so it gets into the same 
release as the rest of the series)

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