[PATCH 0/3] qemu: Prevent breakage of libvirt-6.9.0 with qemu-5.2.0

Peter Krempa pkrempa at redhat.com
Mon Oct 26 13:19:27 UTC 2020

Justification from 1/3:

 Unfortunately qemu wants to change the interface of 'block-export-add'
 before the release. Since we've tried to stay up to date and added the
 code before it was written in stone, we need to disable the use of the
 new interface for the upcoming libvirt release so that we don't have a
 version of libvirt which would not work with the upcoming qemu version.

Patch 2/3 is the fix itself which uses the new interface.

Patch 1/3 and 3/3 are a plan-B option if qemu doesn't include the fix
until libvirt-6.9.0 will be about to be released. In such case I'll
push patch 1/3 and patches 2-3/3 will be left for a subsequent release.

Peter Krempa (3):
  qemu: capabilities: Disable detection of QEMU_CAPS_BLOCK_EXPORT_ADD
  qemu: Update to new design of 'block-export-add'
  qemu: capabilities: Re-enable detection of QEMU_CAPS_BLOCK_EXPORT_ADD

 src/qemu/qemu_block.c                         |   17 +-
 src/qemu/qemu_block.h                         |    2 +-
 .../caps_5.2.0.x86_64.replies                 | 2377 +++++++++--------
 .../caps_5.2.0.x86_64.xml                     |    2 +-
 tests/qemumonitorjsontest.c                   |    3 +-
 5 files changed, 1339 insertions(+), 1062 deletions(-)


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