Proposal: drop support for Hyper-V 2008R2

Matt Coleman mcoleman at
Fri Oct 30 11:02:33 UTC 2020


I've been getting familiar with Hyper-V recently and have gotten 
stymied by inconsistencies in its API.

While Hyper-V has V1 and V2 APIs, neither one is consistent between 
Windows versions. For example...
* Windows 2012 only supports a subset of the V2 API
* Windows 2012 implements some V1 functions differently than 2008R2
* Windows 2016 broke compatibility with 2012R2 by replacing some classes

Some of these differences are undocumented, too, which is just lovely.

Most of these changes are relatively easy to handle, but the 
differences between 2008R2's and 2012's implementations of the V1 API 
result in libvirt code with a lot of conditionals containing obscure 
format strings in the 2008R2 blocks.

Windows 2008R2's extended support ended January 14, 2020:

Windows 2012's mainstream support ended in 2018, but it still has 
extended support through October 10, 2023:

Since 2008R2 is no longer supported by Microsoft, I propose removing 
support for it from libvirt.



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