[RFC DOCUMENT 00/12] kubevirt-and-kvm: Add documents

Andrea Bolognani abologna at redhat.com
Wed Sep 16 16:44:25 UTC 2020

Hello there!

Several weeks ago, a group of Red Hatters working on the
virtualization stack (primarily QEMU and libvirt) started a
conversation with developers from the KubeVirt project with the goal
of better understanding and documenting the interactions between the

Specifically, we were interested in integration pain points, with the
underlying ideas being that only once those issues are understood it
becomes possible to look for solutions, and that better communication
would naturally lead to improvements on both sides.

This series of documents was born out of that conversation. We're
sharing them with the QEMU and libvirt communities in the hope that
they can be a valuable resource for understanding how the projects
they're working on are consumed by higher-level tools, and what
challenges are encountered in the process.

Note that, while the documents describe a number of potential
directions for things like development of new components, that's all
just brainstorming that naturally occurred as we were learning new
things: the actual design process should, and will, happen on the
upstream lists.

Right now the documents live in their own little git repository[1],
but the expectation is that eventually they will find a suitable
long-term home. The most likely candidate right now is the main
KubeVirt repository, but if you have other locations in mind please
do speak up!

I'm also aware of the fact that this delivery mechanism is fairly
unconventional, but I thought it would be the best way to spark a
discussion around these topics with the QEMU and libvirt developers.

Last but not least, please keep in mind that the documents are a work
in progress, and polish has been applied to them unevenly: while the
information presented is, to the best of our knowledge, all accurate,
some parts are in a rougher state than others. Improvements will
hopefully come over time - and if you feel like helping out in making
that happen, it would certainly be appreciated!

Looking forward to your feedback :)

[1] https://gitlab.com/abologna/kubevirt-and-kvm
Andrea Bolognani / Red Hat / Virtualization

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